About The Cleats

A talented and musically seasoned trio creating transitionary off-the-grid rock ‘n’ roll with a message.

D.Papa_T Photo


lead vocalist, GUITAR & KeyboardS

According to Tick Johansson, D.Papa_T’s vocal style is a cross between Lou Reed and Betty White. His trans-disciplinary studio is adjacent to a stone farm house on the outskirts of Warkworth Ontario, where he also works as a visual artist. He founded the John Cleats in 2017 with Johansson, and later changed the name to The Cleats when Layton joined the band — under legal threat from the furnace farmer.

Ken Layton


Ken Layton arrived on this planet in 1959, and moved to Trent Hills 26 years ago where he became a furnace farmer. He enjoys talking to trees, picking up garbage and manifesting his destiny through contemplative meditation with animals. Ken has the drumming style of a Mongolian throat singer and, according to local mythology, is actually a spirit animal closely resembling a stray dog with three legs.

Ken Layton photo
Thick Johansson photo

Tick Johansson

bass player

Tick Johansson is the historic wise elder manifested in the finely tuned body of a bass player and is the heart beat of The Cleats.  Together with Layton, their grooves resonate like shimmering leaves atop the tallest oak tree in the land — leaving D.Papa-T with little to do but caress the sound waves with his electric guitar. Tick’s actual job in the band is the revered Quality Control Officer. In another musical life, before settling in the country, Tick impersonated Paul McCartney on a cruise ship. He is a man of various talents and always full of surprises.

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